Gammabond (Amalgam liner with atomized silver and fluorides)

Gammabond (Amalgam liner with atomized silver and fluorides)

PROMEDICA 4.5 g Liquid with Solvent
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SKU:   1811-D002425
Code:   D002425
Manufacturer:   PROMEDICA Dental Material GmbH, Germany
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Gammabond is our ready-to-use Amalgam liner which contains atomised silver for a perfect dentine insulation and pulp protection against bacterial and chemical influences.
Applied under Amalgam fillings, the silver particles of Gammabond bind excess of mercury and form a chemical compound which helps to improve the marginal sealing and reduces the risk of secondary caries.

- Dentine protection/lining under Amalgam fillings
- Sealing of Amalgam fillings immediately after insertion

Characteristics and Benifits:
- Ready-to-use
- Silver binds excess of mercury
- Excellent pulp protection
- Desensitises
- Seals the dentine against bacterial, thermal and chemical influences
- Reduces the risk of secondary caries
- Forms a chemical compound with Amalgam: improvement of marginal seal

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