Composan LCM Shade A3.5 (Light Curing Micro Hybrid Composite)

Composan LCM Shade A3.5 (Light Curing Micro Hybrid Composite)

PROMEDICA 4 g Syringe, Shade A3.5
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SKU:   1821-D002465
Code:   D002465
Manufacturer:   PROMEDICA Dental Material GmbH, Germany
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Composan LCM is our universal light-curing micro-hybrid composite with a filler content of 76,5%.
It is suitable for fillings in the anterior and the posterior area, as well as for the inlay technique.
The material offers an excellent packability and outstanding physical properties.
Moreover, Composan LCM convinces by its high translucency and colour stability, as well as its excellent polishing facilities.

The Composan LCM MINI SET is the perfect entry product to test Composan LCM.
Moreover, it offers the possibility of ordering a smaller range of vita shades which could be more efficient in some cases.

- Fillings of class I, II and V in the posterior area which are not occlusion bearing
- Reconstruction of traumatically affected anteriors
- Facing of discoloured anteriors
- Colour and shape corrections for a better aesthetic appearance
- Locking of loosened anteriors
- Extended fissure sealing for molars and premolars
- Repair of veneers
- Core build-ups for crowns
- Especially suitable for composite inlays

Characteristics and Benefits:
- Universal for all cavity classes
- Durable and long-lasting fillings
- Packable consistency
- Sticks to the cavity not to the instrument
- Excellent adhesion to tooth substance
- Superior physical properties
- Perfect aesthetics
- High translucency and perfect colour adaptation
- Very low polymerisation shrinkage (2,6 Vol. %)
- Excellent abrasion resistance
- Polishable to a high gloss

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