Medifil, Shade A3 (Glass Ionomer Cement for Filling of Classes I, III and IV)

Medifil, Shade A3 (Glass Ionomer Cement for Filling of Classes I, III and IV)

PROMEDICA 15 g Powder (Shade A3), 10 ml Liquid
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SKU:   1839-D002603
Code:   D002603
Manufacturer:   PROMEDICA Dental Material GmbH, Germany
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Medifil is a glass ionomer filling cement suitable for restorations of class I, III and V.

The material is available in 3 translucent VITA-shades. Thus Medifil allows perfectly aesthetical restorations with a tooth-like colour adaptation.
In addition to a high fluoride release rate and a compressive strength of 155 MPa Medifil convinces by an excellent radiopacity for better diagnostic control.
The product is also available as the anhydrous version Medifil aqua as well as the with silver reinforced version Medifil silver.

- Restorations of deciduous teeth (especially class I)
- Repair of V-shaped defects and enamel as well as root erosions in the dental neck area incl. Class V fillings
- Treatment of cavities caused by carious lesions
- Fillings of Class III and small fillings of Class I
- Build-up fillings under crowns
- Cavity linings
- Extended fissure sealing

Characteristics and Benefits:
- Excellent biocompatibility, low acidity
- High compressive strength
- Stable and abrasion resistant
- Tooth-like thermal expansion
- No temperature rise during setting
- Continuous high fluoride release
- Enamel-like translucency
- Excellent radiopacity

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