Medifil IX, Kit (Packable Glass Ionomer Filling Cement)

Medifil IX, Kit (Packable Glass Ionomer Filling Cement)

PROMEDICA SET of 48 Application Capsules (Shades A1, A2, A3), 3 ml Copal Varnish LC, Shade Guide
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SKU:   1840-D002624
Code:   D002624
Manufacturer:   PROMEDICA Dental Material GmbH, Germany
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Packable glass ionomer cement for anterior and posterior restorations as well as for core build-ups
Medifil IX is an immediately packable glass ionomer cement indicated for posterior restorations, fillings of deciduous teeth, core build-ups and suitable for the A.R.T. technique.
Medifil IX is a durable filling material in aesthetic shades which offers a similar packable and non-sticky consistency as amalgam. The material releases a continously high flow of fluorides which supports the prevention of secondary caries.
Medifil IX is available as both, a handmix version as well as in application capsules.

- Treatment of V-shaped defects and enamel or root erosions in the dental neck area incl. Class V fillings
- Restorations of deciduous teeth (especially Class I)
- Cavity fillings of Class II (not occlusion bearing) by means of tunnel preparation
- Core build-ups, build-up fillings and linings
- Temporary long-term treatment of class I and II cavities

Characteristics and Benefits:
- Excellent packable consistency
- Strong adhesion to dentine and enamel
- High compressive and flexural strength
- Tooth-like thermal expansion
- Superior abrasion resistance
- Moisture tolerant
- Continuous high fluoride release
- Highly biocompatible (does not contain mercury or resin)
- Highly translucent and radiopaque
- Application Capsules: fast and easy direct application without mixing errors

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