Composan LCM flow Shade A2 (Flowable Light Curing Micro Hybrid Composite)

Composan LCM flow Shade A2 (Flowable Light Curing Micro Hybrid Composite)

PROMEDICA 3 g Syringe, Shade A2, 15 Application Tips
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SKU:   1844-D002678
Code:   D002678
Manufacturer:   PROMEDICA Dental Material GmbH, Germany
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Composan LCM flow is our flowable light-curing micro-hybrid composite.
It is suitable for fillings of small cavities, extended fissure sealing, approximate cavities, fillings of minimally invasive restoration, class III to V preparations, repair of veneers etc.
Due to its low viscosity Composan LCM flow provides a good wetting capability and highly aesthetical results due to an excellent adaptation to the tooth substance.
Its long and bendable tip enables a bubble-free and direct application even in areas which are normally difficult to reach.
Therefore, Composan LCM flow is the optimal solution for long living cervical fillings.

- Fillings with minimally invasive preparation technique
- Fillings of small cavities and extended fissure sealing
- Substitute fillings of cavities with undercuts
- Fillings of class III to V incl. V-shaped defects and cervical caries
- Repair of fillings and veneers
- Luting of translucent prosthetic pieces

Characteristics and Benefits:
- Ideal flowability
- Perfect surface wetting
- Thixotropic properties
- Excellent physical properties
- High translucency
- High radiopacity
- High flexural strength (113 MPa): optimal elasticity of the material
- Perfect polishability

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