Composan bio esthetic flow, Kit (Flowable Light Curing Nano Ceram Composite)

Composan bio esthetic flow, Kit (Flowable Light Curing Nano Ceram Composite)

PROMEDICA SET of 3 x 1.8 g Syringes (Shades A1, A2, A3), 5 ml Cica, 4 ml Compobond 1, shade guide, accessories
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SKU:   1879-D002810
Code:   D002810
Manufacturer:   PROMEDICA Dental Material GmbH, Germany
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Composan bio-esthetic flow is an innovative flowable composite material with excellent biocompatibility. This biocompatibility results of its three-dimensionally linked inorganic and organic co-polymers.
The flow-on-demand material is indicated for minimal invasive preparations, class III - V cavities, extended fissure sealing, repair of fillings and veneers etc.
Composan bio-esthetic flow convinces by excellent flow properties and the ability to wet surfaces fully.

The highly elastic material is extremely abrasion resistant and stress breaking. In combination with Composan bio-esthetic it can be used for lining or the CBF (Composite-bonded-to-flowable) technique.
Due to its high strength it is even suitable for posterior regions that are exposed to masticatory loading. Additionally, Composan bio-esthetic flow ensures a highly aesthetic results and fillings without marginal gaps.
Due to the natural translucency, a very high colour stability, perfect colour adaptation and excellent polishability Composan bio-esthetic flow allows a tooth restorations for natural beauty and function.

- Fillings with minimally invasive preparation technique
- Fillings of small cavities and extended fissure sealing
- Blocking out of undercuts
- Lining, coating of cavity walls
- Fillings of cavity classes III to V incl. V-shaped defects and cervical caries
- Repair of composite fillings and veneers
- Luting of translucent prosthetic pieces (e. g. full ceramic crowns, porcelain inlays etc.)

Characteristics and Benefits:
- Nano-reinforced ceramic particles
- Special resin matrix
- Significantly less free monomers
- Perfect translucency and colour adaptation to tooth substance
- High colour stability
- Optimal flowability and thixotropic properties Stress-breaking elasticity
- Perfect permanent marginal tightness
- Low polymerisation shrinkage
- Stress-breaking elasticity
- Excellent abrasion resistance

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