Hydrorise Light Body Fast Set (A Silicone Impression Material)

Hydrorise Light Body Fast Set (A Silicone Impression Material)

Zhermack 2 x 50ml cartridges (Base + Catalyst) + 12 Mixing Tips
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SKU:   1909-C207001
Code:   C207001
Color:   Pink
Brand:   Zhermack
Manufacturer:   Zhermack SpA, Italy
Returnable:   Yes
Available in:   UAE

Description: Fast Set Hyper-Hydrophilic compatible low viscosity A-silicone for fixed prostheses.
Recommended for the single-stage or two-stage or impression techniques

Maximum precision in detail reproduction
High tear strength
Excellent elastic recovery
High dimensional stability
It exceeds the marked undercuts without tearing
It does not cast from preparation
Hyper-hydrophilic technology increases the wettability of the silicone considerably improving the results of the impression
Possibility of casting the model immediately
Safe disinfection with Zeta 7 Solution and Zeta 7 Spray
3-year shelf life

1:1 Mixing ratio
Very similar to water (hyper-hydrocompatible)
Ideal working time/setting time ratio (snap-set effect):
Long working time;
Shorter permanence in the oral cavity
Sweet mint flavour
Pink colour

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