Zeta 3 Foam (Disinfectant and Cleaner for Surfaces of Medical Devices)

Zeta 3 Foam (Disinfectant and Cleaner for Surfaces of Medical Devices)

Zhermack 3 litres container with dosage cap
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SKU:   1928-C810026
Code:   C810026
Brand:   Zhermack
Manufacturer:   Zhermack SpA, Italy
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Alcohol-free, broad spectrum, ready-to-use disinfectant detergent (Lemon fragrance)

- Because of its excellent compatibility with all materials, Zeta 3 Foam is especially recommended for disinfecting delicate surfaces
- Zeta 3 Foam is specially formulated for rapid, high-level disinfection of surfaces and medical devices (handpieces, shelves, dental units, contra-angles, instrument trays, film holders, light handles, dental units' basins, etc.) between one patient and the next

- Spray Zeta 3 Foam over all the surfaces and medical devices to be disinfected.
Leave the foam for at least 1 minute, then clean the surfaces/devices with a tissue and dry them off
- Alternatively, you can spray Zeta 3 Foam on to a tissue and wipe over the surfaces or devices to be disinfected

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