Zeta 7 Spray (Disinfectant for Impressions)

Zeta 7 Spray (Disinfectant for Impressions)

Zhermack 750 ml bottle
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SKU:   1932-C810050
Code:   C810050
Brand:   Zhermack
Manufacturer:   Zhermack SpA, Italy
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Ready to use, aldehyde-free, broad spectrum disinfectant.
Developed and tested according to the latest harmonised European disinfection standards (Lemon fragrance)

- Zeta 7 Solution is specially formulated for the rapid, high-level disinfection of impressions in silicone, alginate, polyether and polysulphur. Zeta 7 Solution does not affect dimensional stability and is fully compatible with plasters
- Zeta 7 Spray improves the flow of plaster / dental stone over impression surfaces, reducing the formation of bubbles and improving the reproduction of detail.

- Immediately after taking the impression, rinse under running water for 30 seconds
- Spray Zeta 7 Spray all over the surface of the impression. Leave the product to evaporate for 3 minutes.

Avoid contact of Zeta 7 Spray with alcohol-sensitive materials.

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