Adseal (Resin Based Root Canal Sealer)

Adseal (Resin Based Root Canal Sealer)

META BIOMED 13.5g dual syringe: Base 9g (Epoxy resin & Calcium phosphate) and Catalyst 4.5g (Amines & Bismuth subcarbonate), 1 Spatula and 1 Mixing Plate
Price: 200.00 AED
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SKU:   1969-D00ADSEA
Code:   D00ADSEA
Manufacturer:   META BIOMED Co,. Ltd., Korea
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Application:
Permanent Root Canal Sealing
Thermal Obturation

Base-Epoxy oligomer resin, Ethylene glycol salicylate, Bismuth subcarbonate
Catalyst-poly butanediol aminobenzoate, Calcium Phosphate, Bismuth subcarbonate

Excellent biocompatibility
Easy to mix paste-paste
Hermetic sealing ability
Nonstaining to the teeth
Insoluble in tissue fluids
Good radiopacity

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