Acroseal (Root Canal Sealer)

Acroseal (Root Canal Sealer)

Septodont 1 x 8.5g base tube, 1 x 9.5g catalyst tube, 1 x cross-ruled mixing pad.
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Brand:   Septodont
Manufacturer:   SEPTODONT, 94107 Saint-Maur-des-fossés Cedex, France
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Epoxy resin and Calcium Hydroxide-based root canal sealer.
ACROSEAL is eugenol-free


Permanent root canal sealer, to be used in combination with gutta-percha points.

Features and benefits:
Adheres to the canal walls and gutta percha points for excellent sealing of root canals.
Advanced epoxy matrix containing calcium hydroxide helps to improve periapical healing.
Zero solubility in water minimizes risk of root canal treatment failures.
Compatible with all gutta percha obturation techniques.
Formulation that allows easy removal with Endosolv E.
Eugenol free for improved compatibility with modern adhesive restoration materials (bonded posts and cores, resin cements…).
Radiopaque for easy follow up.

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