CLEARFIL PHOTO CORE (Light Cured Hybrid Composite),  Kit

CLEARFIL PHOTO CORE (Light Cured Hybrid Composite), Kit

Kuraray 3 Syringes 4.4g (2ml) each
Price: 400.00 AED
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SKU:   2025-D000281355
Code:   D000281355
Brand:   Kuraray
Manufacturer:   Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc., Japan
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: CLEARFIL PHOTO CORE is an aesthetic light-cured hybrid composite which is heavily filled and especially developed for the construction of reliable core build-ups.
The material cures completely to a depth of 9 mm in just 20 seconds which is unique.
Thus clinicians are able to simplify their procedure by eliminating copper bands, matrix bands and incremental layering, especially when using Kuraray Core Form.

CLEARFIL PHOTO CORE cuts like dentin after curing, is radiopaque and does not stick to instruments during insertion.
It also may be applied with the use of a high viscosity Centrix applicator tip.
With a compressive strength of 334 MPa, CLEARFIL PHOTO CORE is ideal for small or large core build-ups on vital or non-vital teeth.

CLEARFIL PHOTO CORE PLT is the 5-Star award-winning light-core core build-up material now in a compule dispensing format.
A heavily-filled hybrid composite, CLEARFIL PHOTO CORE PLT is radiopaque, does not stick to instruments, and cuts like dentin immediately after cured.

CLEARFIL PHOTO CORE PLT cures completely to a 9mm depth.

Clinical Indications:
Core build-up of vital or non-vital tooth

Features & Benefits:
No increments needed with Kuraray Core Form
Unique polymerization depth of 7mm
Authentic translucent shade
Cuts like dentin
Easy handling
Non sticky
Construction of core build-ups

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