CLEARFIL AP X Esthtetics (Light Curing Composite Resin),  Kit (4 shades  A2   A3   A3, 5  B2)

CLEARFIL AP X Esthtetics (Light Curing Composite Resin), Kit (4 shades A2 A3 A3, 5 B2)

Kuraray 1 Syringe (3.6g) 2ml each Shade
Price: 560.00 AED
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SKU:   2031-D000281720
Code:   D000281720
Brand:   Kuraray
Manufacturer:   Kuraray Noritake Dental Inc., Japan
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: CLEARFIL AP-X Esthetics is a light-curing, radiopaque composite resin, especially for anterior restorations.
It contains a new organic filler which has high transparency and excellent light diffusion, a new fine filler with high radiopacity and polishablity, and a high refractive index matrix (filler contents: 78 %, 66 vol%).

CLEARFIL AP-X Esthetics exhibits a light diffusion property similar to natural tooth structure which makes it possible to use only one single matching shade per restoration.
CLEARFIL AP-X Esthetics provides an outstanding and versatile shade matching for almost any restorative situation.
The high refractive matrix also provides another essential benefit, a very minor transparency shift after light-curing.

CLEARFIL AP-X Esthetics also has an easy handling consistency, with high polishability and low polymerization shrinkage (1.9 vol%), and is very easy to handle.

Features & Benefits:
The characteristics of matching natural tooth: light diffusion and transparency
Just select single shade and apply it. No need of multy-layering.
Radiopaque and fluorescent

Clinical Indications:
Direct restorations for anterior and posterior teeth (Class I-V cavities)
Direct veneers
Correction of tooth position and tooth shape (e.g. diastema closure, dwarfed tooth, etc.)
Intraoral repairs of fractured crowns/bridges

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