Cleanic Single Dose with Fluoride (One Step Prophy Paste)

Cleanic Single Dose with Fluoride (One Step Prophy Paste)

Kerr Contents: 200 x prophy paste individual 2g portions (Single Doses); 3 x Ring Pots.
Price: 400.00 AED
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SKU:   2095-D3140-0000
Code:   D3140-0000
Brand:   Kerr
Manufacturer:   Kerr Corporation, USA
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: One Step Prophy-Paste Single Doses in Mint Flavour with 0.10% Fluoride (NaF)

is a universal prophy paste with integrated cleaning variability, which accomplishes efficient initial cleaning and subsequent high polishing in one session.
During the initial seconds of use, Cleanic exerts a high cleaning power that converts into a gentle polishing action as the Perlite particles fragment.
The perlite technology turns Cleanic into a unique paste, which combines high cleaning power, polishing of dental surfaces and gentleness to hard tissue all in one.
With the use of one single paste treatment time is significantly reduced.

Features & Benefits:
- Integrated abrasion variability
Recommended application with Pro-Cups and Paste Carriers by Kerr.
- Time saving
- Maximum cleaning and polishing with low abrasion of enamel and dentine
- Outstanding results.

Cleaning prophy paste is also available in tube and Jar/Cartridge.

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