Comporoller (Dental Composite Modelling Instrument),  Assorted Kit

Comporoller (Dental Composite Modelling Instrument), Assorted Kit

Kerr 1 CompoRoller Handle and 49 Tips (7 Tips each of all seven shapes)
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SKU:   2120-D5300-0000
Code:   D5300-0000
Brand:   Kerr
Manufacturer:   Kerr Corporation, USA
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: CompoRoller™ is an innovative composite modelling instrument designed to provide complete control when layering and contouring a direct composite restoration into its final form.
CompoRoller also has a minimal shearing effect on the composite, enhancing its thixotropic properties.
The handle of CompoRoller is lightweight and ergonomically designed to minimise hand fatigue.
The handle is Autoclavable at 134?C, at least 3 min.

CompoRoller’s working ends employ Kerr’s proprietary, non-stick rolling tips that foster bubble-free, homogeneous application of composites in thin, even layers.

The disposable rolling tips come in 7 different shapes:

- Cylindrical Tips 4 mm: Flat surface contouring
- Conical Tips: Shaping of margins and occlusal surfaces, modelling and composite adaptation in class I cavities
- Cylindrical Tips 3 mm: Flat surface contouring, Modelling of cervical step in box cavities
- Disc Tips: Interproximal shaping and cervical contouring, Marginal ridge line contouring
- Point Tips: Modelling of occlusions and fissures, Composite adaptation to walls and deep cavities
- Oval Tips: Shaping of palatal and lingual tooth surfacesand
- Spatula Tips: Shaping of proximal areas (front and posterior), line angles and margins, Contouring.

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