CHLORAXID 2 Percent 200 g (Sodium Hypochlorite 2 Percent)

CHLORAXID 2 Percent 200 g (Sodium Hypochlorite 2 Percent)

CERKAMED Bottle of 200g
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SKU:   2223-DCHL2-0200
Code:   DCHL2-0200
Manufacturer:   CERKAMED Medical Company, Polska
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Liquid for Root Canal Rinsing
CHLORAXiD 2% has a lytic effect in relation with dead and vivid tissue, dissolving organic part of smear layer.
It concerns main root canal and lateral canals which are inaccessible for the instruments.
CHLORAXID 2% has cleansing and whitening effect on the tooth hard tissues.

- During mechanical canal widening it removes dead pulp debris.
- It cleans the canal and removes smear layer to expose dentinal tubuli orifices before canal filling.
- It prevents from the teeth discoloration that may occur after filling the root canal which was not rinsed.

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