ENDO SOLution 50 ml (Liquid for Root Canals Widening)

ENDO SOLution 50 ml (Liquid for Root Canals Widening)

CERKAMED Bottle 50 ml
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SKU:   2251-DENSO-0120
Code:   DENSO-0120
Manufacturer:   CERKAMED Medical Company, Polska
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Available in:   UAE

Description: The action of EDTA is to react with mineral components of the tooth’s hard tissues.
By absorption of calcium from the root canal, EDTA softens the tissues and makes the mechanical drainage of the root canal easier.

Active substance: EDTA 17%

It is recommended during mechanical preparation of the root canals. It helps in drainage and cleansing of the root canal, removes smear layer to expose dentinal tubuli orifices.
Disodium edetate (EDTA) contained in the product by rinsing calcium and magnesium ions softens the surface layer of the dentine and makes it easier to remove it and restore the root canal.

Handling the product Endo-SOLution:
1. Open the pulp cavity, remove the content to expose the root canal
2. Rinse initially with sodium hypochlorite
3. Remove the inflamed pulp from the root canal
4. Insert ENDO-SOLution into the root canal
5. Prepare the canal mechanically while simultaneously rinsing with Sodium Hypochlorite (CHLORAXiD)

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