Temp Bond (Temporary Zinc Oxide Eugenol Based Cement)

Temp Bond (Temporary Zinc Oxide Eugenol Based Cement)

Kerr 1 Tube Base (50 g), 1 Tube Catalyst (15 g), 1 Mixing Pad
Price: 150.00 AED
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SKU:   2281-D6108-6000
Code:   D6108-6000
Brand:   Kerr
Manufacturer:   Kerr Corporation, USA
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Temp-Bond is a self-curing zinc-oxide eugenol based temporary cement indicated for temporary crowns, bridges or splints and for trial cementing permanent restorations.
Its smooth flow means exceptional handling and results in effortless and complete restoration seating.

Temp-Bond withstands mastication, seals the restoration and prevents seepage, yet afford easy removal when desired.

Features & Benefits:
- Delivery choices
- High bond strength
- Easy removal
- Delivers optimal consistency for solid, complete seating of restorations.
- Prevents leakage and sensitivity to cold and heat.
- Enhance patient comfort

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