AFFINIS PRECIOUS Regular Body 50 ml (Impression A-Silicone)

AFFINIS PRECIOUS Regular Body 50 ml (Impression A-Silicone)

COLTENE Cartridges 2 x 50 ml, 12 Mixing Tips Yellow
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SKU:   2320-D06776
Code:   D06776
Brand:   COLTENE
Manufacturer:   Coltène/Whaledent AG, Switzerland
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: A perfect AFFINIS impression is the key for accurately fitting, laboratory fabricated restorations.
It provides the ideal basis for successful teamwork between the dentist and the dental technician.

The premium A-Silicone AFFINIS differs in various characteristic features from other surface activated impression materials:
Innovative surface affinity

The differentiating element of AFFINIS is a fast and innovative affinity of mixed material to moist tooth structure and tissue (gingiva).
Optimized flow
AFFINIS however, based on its surpassing combination of additives, which are capable of breaking material structures, displays a very low barrier to flow (self-contouring consistency)
At the same time, the mixed material is optimal thixotropic not to drip off the preparation.
Better models
AFFINIS, due to its synergistic and extremely active surfactant system, displays a fast and outstanding wetting by water of the set impression. When pouring the gypsum, the dental technician will appreciate these properties.
First ever autoclavable impression
All AFFINIS and AFFINIS PRECIOUS impressions are now autoclavable at 134° C without the loss of its well-known and appreciated AFFINIS physical properties. The new autoclavable AFFINIS impression material with a heat-resistant impression tray and special adhesive provides an integrated system for completely new possibilities in prevention.
AFFINIS impressions - not only clean, but also sterile.

- AFFINIS PRECIOUS is the latest generation of wash materials
- AFFINIS PRECIOUS features outstanding readability of the details.
- The unique colours (Silver and Gold) facilitate readability of the impression detail. Its unique silver and gold pigmentation significantly reduces light diffusion and improves the visual perception of details.
- The quality of the impression can be easily and reliably checked thanks to its outstanding readability.
- AFFINIS PRECIOUS polyvinylsiloxane (PVS) wash materials have a contact angle of only 10°.
- Its superior flow properties allow the impression material to easily capture all critical surface detail of the preparations in a wet environment.
- AFFINIS PRECIOUS wash materials have an application time of one minute.
- The thermo-active formula accelerates the setting process as soon as the impression tray is placed in the patient’s mouth.

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