DIATECH Composite Polishing Kit

DIATECH Composite Polishing Kit

COLTENE Contains: 16 RA Silicone Polishers
Price: 264.00 AED
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SKU:   2338-D250014AA
Code:   D250014AA
Brand:   COLTENE
Manufacturer:   Coltène/Whaledent AG, Switzerland
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Smooth surfaces offer the best protection against plaque accumulation and discolouration.
You know that this is especially important for composite materials.
The DIATECH silicone polishers create a smooth, shiny surface on composites even on tricky fine hybrid composites.
The kit comprises 8 light yellow RA instruments for prepolishing and 8 light grey RA instruments for high lustre polishing.

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