ROEKO Gelatamp (20 Pieces)

ROEKO Gelatamp (20 Pieces)

COLTENE 20 pieces
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SKU:   2343-D274002
Code:   D274002
Size:   14 × 7 × 7 mm
Brand:   COLTENE
Manufacturer:   Coltène/Whaledent AG, Switzerland
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Gelatamp gelatine sponge with colloidal silver provides the dentist with an effective, biocompatible product for reliable post extraction treatment.
The colloidal silver has a bactericidal depot effect.

 Quick haemostasis
 Stabilises the blood coagulum
 Smooth and complete resorption effective against a wide range of bacteria
 Prevents infection through its long lasting antimicrobial effect
 There are no complications in the healing process
 The wound does not have to be reopened
 Promotes coagulation and haemostasis ? Supports healing ? Prevents post operative haemorrhage ? Prevents formation of secondary cavities ? Is resorbable ? Sterile ? Can be cut to size

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