Monoart EM19 Evo Aspirator Tips (Lime)

Monoart EM19 Evo Aspirator Tips (Lime)

Euronda Single Piece
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SKU:   2423-D000EM19L
Code:   D000EM19L
Color:   Lime
Brand:   Euronda
Manufacturer:   Euronda SpA, Italy
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Dimensions:
Connection diameter 16 mm
Length 114 mm

Monoart EM19 Evo universal tips for surgical aspirators are recommended for procedures on adults.
Ergonomic, non-slip grips make work easier for staff, while the linear shape keeps them quiet and promotes better hygiene and cleaning.
EM19 Evo tips give outstanding patient comfort thanks to their rounded shape.
They can be sterilized in autoclaves at up to 134°C.

Both staff and patients benefit from the technical expertise and experience that Euronda pours into Monoart® surgical aspirator tips.
Every single feature meets specific, concrete requirements: as well as being durable and safe, they offer outstanding patient comfort and greater staff ergonomics.

Ergonomic: The tips are shorter and bent towards the end, for better control of operations on patients.

Comfortable: With a smaller contact surface thanks to the smaller end “brims” and fewer curves, the tips offer greater patient comfort.

Eco-Friendly: Monoart® Aspirator Tips can go through up to 100 cycles in an autoclave at up to 134°C.

Safe: The grooves are more extensive and reach all of the way to the end, for better grip.

Effective: The smooth interiors of the tips allow liquids to flow more easily.

Silent: The angle of approximately 16° in the tips makes aspiration quieter.

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