Monoart Spheric Glases (White Frame)

Monoart Spheric Glases (White Frame)

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SKU:   2466-D0261050W
Code:   D0261050W
Brand:   Euronda
Manufacturer:   Euronda SpA, Italy
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Glasses for staff and patients with a single, optically controlled spherical polycarbonate lens that offers a 180° field of view.
The length and angle of the temples are adjustable.
They are made from over-moulded material that guarantees excellent fit and comfort.
Polycarbonate nose bridge.
Neutral, colourless anti-scratch and anti-fogging lenses protect against impacts and UV rays.

Weight: 36 g

Anti Fog: Basic Anti-fog treatment that prevents the formation of condensation.

Anti Scratch: Basic Anti-scratch treatment protects against scratches and abrasions.

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