Shofu Liquid 8.6ml (10g)
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SKU:   2738-1105
Code:   1105
Brand:   Shofu
Manufacturer:   Shofu Inc., Japan
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE, Qatar, Oman, LIBYA, Lebanon, Kuwait, KSA, Jordan, IRAQ, Egypt, Bahrain, Another Country

Description: A newly formulated radiopaque, Resin Modified Glass Ionomer (RMGI) Cement with virtually no odour & postoperative sensitivity to ensure total patient comfort.

- For luting metal-ceramic, full metal and metal-free crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays
- Cementation of porcelain fused to metal crown & bridge restorations
- Selected porcelain or resin crown and bridge restorations
- Orthodontic appliances-metal or ceramic brackets

- Chemically bonds to tooth structure with higher bonding strength
- Biocompatible with high flouride release
- Minimum odour & virtually no post-operative sensitivity
- Improved fracture toughness and low solubility for intra-oral durability of the restoration
- Provides an excellent marginal seal and prevents microleakage
- Exhibits high translucency for aesthetic cases
- Superior handling and easy removal of excess cement
- Long working time with a net setting time of 4min
- Low film thickness of just 12 microns
- Change of colour from a light pink to colourless upon setting, for ease of identification and application

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