ViscoStat Clear IndiSpense Syringe (Aluminum Chloride Hemostatic)

ViscoStat Clear IndiSpense Syringe (Aluminum Chloride Hemostatic)

ULTRADENT 1 x 30ml Syringe
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SKU:   2838-6408
Code:   6408
Manufacturer:   Ultradent Products Inc., USA
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: ViscoStat Clear is a 25% Aluminum Chloride Gel in a viscous, aqueous vehicle.
Its patented tissue-kind silica formula temporarily eliminates minor bleeding.
No coagulum is formed, nor deos residue adhered to the preparation, which is especially critical in the “esthetic zone.”
ViscoStat Clear will not stain the hard or soft tissues.
Recommended for anterior restorations because it quickly stops minor bleeding without leaving any residue.

- Stops all minor intraoral bleeding, but designed specifically for the esthetic zone
- Transparent gel leaves no residue or stain and rinses easily
- Places easily
- Convenient direct delivery eliminates waste
- Non-drip gel is viscous yet spreadable
- Does not interfere with bonding

Indications for Use:
ViscoStat Clear is intended for sulcus retraction prior to impression making and to control bleeding and gingival oozing in restorative and operative dentistry used with gingival retraction cord and/or the Dento Infusor.
The gel facilitates the insertion of the cord into the sulcus.

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