PermaFlo Mini Kit, Shade A3 (Flowable Composite)

PermaFlo Mini Kit, Shade A3 (Flowable Composite)

ULTRADENT 2 x 1.2 ml Syringes, 4 Micro 20 ga Tips
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SKU:   2867-949
Code:   949
Manufacturer:   Ultradent Products Inc., USA
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: PermaFlo is a light-cured, radiopaque, methacrylate-based flowable composite.
Its thixotropic properties impart ideal flowability for improved adaptation.
PermaFlo is 68% filled by weight, with an average particle size of 0.7 microns and a low film thickness

Indications for Use:
- Use PermaFlo Flowable Composite for anterior and posterior restorations: Class I, II, III, IV, and V
- It can also be used to restore missing subgingival tooth structure prior to endodontic procedures (the “Donut Technique”).
- It is highly recommended for Class III and V restorations, or for the lower layers when using incremental building of composites.

- High-fill, high-flow formula
- Highly radiopaque
- Fluoride-releasing formulation
- Superior polishability
- Strong and wear resistant?

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