Composite Wetting Resin Mini Refill

Composite Wetting Resin Mini Refill

ULTRADENT 2 x 1.2 ml Syringes
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SKU:   2869-3059
Code:   3059
Manufacturer:   Ultradent Products Inc., USA
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Composite Wetting Resin is a 45% filled, light-cured, liquid resin.
It is significantly superior to single-component adhesives, which contain solvents and inhibit composite polymerization.

Indications for Use:
- It may be used during the placement of composite if the composite has become dry during incremental layering, or
- If the oxygen inhibition layer has been removed or disturbed (e.g., washing the composite surface following contamination)
- Use Composite Wetting Resin on an instrument or brush to enhance glide during sculpting and contouring.
- Composite Wetting Resin may be placed on the composite surface if it has become dry while contouring composite.

- Facilitates composite adaptation
- Does not act as a detriment to polymerization
- Moistens dry composite during contouring

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