DeOx (Viscous Oxygen Barrier Solution)

DeOx (Viscous Oxygen Barrier Solution)

ULTRADENT 4 x 1.2ml Syringes
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SKU:   2900-238
Code:   238
Manufacturer:   Ultradent Products Inc., USA
Returnable:   No
Available in:   Bahrain, Egypt, IRAQ, Jordan, KSA, Kuwait, Lebanon, LIBYA, Oman, UAE

Description: DeOx Barrier Solution is a viscous, glycerine-based gel designed to prevent formation of an oxygen-inhibited layer on the surface of resin materials (Composite and Veneer Luting Materials) when they are polymerized.

Oxygen layer inhibitors prevent the formation of an air inhibited layer on the outside of composite restorations.
The application of these materials allows the composite to be completely and evenly polymerized, preventing margin erosion and promoting optimal service hardness.

- Prevents oxygen-inhibited layer formation
- Provides easy delivery?

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