VALO Cordless (LED Curing Light)

VALO Cordless (LED Curing Light)

ULTRADENT VALO Cordless LED Curing Light, 4 Rechargeable Batteries, 1 Battery Charger, 1 Charging Unit Power Supply, 1 Handpiece Bracket Holder, 1 VALO Cordless Light Shield, 50 Barrier Sleeves
Price: 8,500.00 AED
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SKU:   2902-5941
Code:   5941
Color:   Black
Manufacturer:   Ultradent Products Inc., USA
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE, Qatar, Oman, LIBYA, Lebanon, Kuwait, KSA, Jordan, IRAQ, Egypt, Bahrain, Another Country

Description: VALO Cordless is an LED curing light with a broad-spectrum LED pack designed to polymerize all light-cured products in the wavelength range of 395–480nm.
VALO Cordless uses a custom, multiwavelength light-emitting diode (LED) for producing high-intensity light capable of polymerizing all light-cured dental materials.
This intensity will also penetrate porcelain and is capable of curing underlying resin cements similar to a quality halogen light.

- Ultra-high energy broadband LEDs cure all dental materials
- Optimally collimated beam delivers a complete, uniform cure
- Three curing modes; Standard Power, High Power, and Xtra Power for maximum versatility
- Extremely durable, slim, ergonomic shape allows unprecedented access to all restoration sites.
- Operates on environmentally responsible, safe, inexpensive, rechargeable batteries
- Highly efficient LEDs and aerospace aluminum keep wand body cool to the touch
- Lightweight ?

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