Soft Core Endodontic Obturator (ISO Size 35)

Soft Core Endodontic Obturator (ISO Size 35)

CMS Dental 6 pcs
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SKU:   2957-SCR12-35
Code:   SCR12-35
Color:   Green
Size:   ISO Size # 35
Brand:   CMS Dental
Manufacturer:   CMS Dental A/S, Denmark
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE, Qatar, Oman, LIBYA, Lebanon, Kuwait, KSA, Jordan, IRAQ, Egypt, Bahrain, Another Country

Description: A radiopaque polymer core with a thermoplastic Gutta Percha

The Natural Gutta Percha used for the Soft-Core Endodontic Obturator is processed from natural raw rubber harvested from Indonesian rubber trees.
All manufacturing is performed by CMS Dental A/S in Denmark to exact specifications.
The ingredients of the Natural GP™ are free of any toxic components.

The stainless steel insertion pin is 8 mm long and is permanently attached to the plastic handle.
The hollow portion of the plastic core surrounds 4 mm of the pin.
The plastic core is 24 mm long, the upper 4 mm is hollow.
The lower 18 mm of the obturator is covered by a thin layer of thermoplastic gutta percha.
The rubber endo stop can be adjusted up and down the plastic core.
The diameter of the tip of the obturator follows the ISO sizes and are available from size #20 to #70

- Detachable handle
- Compatible with all file systems
- The handle is color-coded
- Flexibility makes even the most challenging root canals possible to fill
- Quick, efficient, reliable and filled in seconds
- A compatible match with any tapered preparation of the root canal
- Has special features for filling in narrow, curved and long canals
- Easy to use and convenient snap off excess gutta percha
- Safe
- The plastic core and gutta percha are both radiopaque

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