SybronEndo Twisted Files 23mm (Taper 0.06, Tip 25)

SybronEndo Twisted Files 23mm (Taper 0.06, Tip 25)

Kerr 3 pcs
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SKU:   3027-822-6253
Code:   822-6253
Brand:   Kerr
Manufacturer:   Kerr Corporation, USA
Returnable:   Yes
Available in:   UAE

Description: TF® (Twisted File) is the first and only file to employ unique and proprietary production technology that achieves unrivalled strength combined with flexibility.
TF is produced with Kerr Endodontics proprietary R-Phase Technology.
R-Phase™ thermal treatment technology optimises the properties of NiTi files to give 70 % more flexibility and 2-3 times more resistance to cyclic fatigue than any other rotating file.

Being drilled rather than ground optimises the surface structure of Nickel Titanium NiTi, thus avoiding the accumulation of micro fractures and making the file even more durable.
This process makes the file stronger; other endodontic files have cutting angles that are incorporated through grinding or milling, which damages the integrity of the metal and can lead to file breakage.
The advanced surface conditioning of the TF completes the surface treatment while respecting the integrity of the underlying grain structure.

- In a torsional stress comparison, Twisted Files absorbed more energy before fracture than ground blanks.
- Twisted files can withstand approximately 60% more torque than files made using a traditional manufacturing process.

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