Nikon D7200 Digital Dental Camera (Camera body only)

Nikon D7200 Digital Dental Camera (Camera body only)

Nikon Camera body only without lens, flash or any other accessories
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SKU:   3371-TPS-N002
Code:   TPS-N002
Size:   135.5 x 106.5 x 76 mm
Brand:   Nikon
Manufacturer:   Nikon Corporation, Tokyo 108-6290, Japan
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: The Nikon D7100 was one of the most popular cameras we have ever offered. Nikon has now released the D7200 and instead of a major overhaul, the D7200 has been tweaked to be even better than the D7100.

The D7200 uses Nikon's 24 megapixel sensor which does away with the optical low-pass filter found on most digital camera sensors. This results in higher resolution images than other 24 megapixel sensors found in the consumer Nikon models.

The D7200 gets an new faster processor and built-in Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi allows you to use a Nikon app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device and control the camera from the device. You can also download images from the camera to the device as well. Additional upgrades have been made to the auto focus system, memory buffer and high ISO image quality.

Like the D7100, the D7200 has two User Programmable Modes (U1 and U2). For clinical use, we use the User Modes to pre-program the camera and simplify switching between portraits and closeup views. The User Modes are also nice in case someone changes settings on the camera. To get back to the proper settings, you simply turn the dial to another mode and then back to the User Mode - all of the pre-programmed settings are then restored.

The D7200 has two SD memory card slots and you can program the camera to use the slots in Backup Mode (each image is written to both cards), Overflow Mode (when the first card is full, the camera switches to the 2nd card) or RAW Slot 1 - JPG Slot 2 Mode (RAW files are written to the first card and JPGs to the 2nd card).

One years manufacturer warranty.

  • DXformat
  • 24.2mega-
  • 100-
  • 51AF points
  • 6fps
  • Full HD
  • Built-inWi-Fi