Palgat Plus Quick (Alginate Impression Material)

Palgat Plus Quick (Alginate Impression Material)

3M ESPE Bag of 450 g
Price: 48.31 AED
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SKU:   3382-21570-1
Code:   21570-1
Brand:   3M ESPE
Manufacturer:   3M ESPE Dental Products, USA
Returnable:   Yes
Available in:   UAE


Alginate with impressive handling characteristics.

Features and Benefits:
 Highly elastic and therefore has an excellent elastic memory.
 Palgat™ Plus Quick impressions can be poured without pre-treatment with all standard plasters. They are tear-resistant and easy to remove from the mouth, even within undercut areas
 Palgat™ Plus Quick has a high-viscosity formulation for shortened setting time
 Palgat™ Plus Quick is dust-free
 Comes in practical plastic bags

 Temporary restorations
 Study models
 Opposing dentitions

Working time (including mixing): 1:15 min
Setting time (from begin of mix): 2:45 min

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