Astringent Retraction Paste

Astringent Retraction Paste

3M ESPE 25 Capsules (7.5 g)
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SKU:   3400-56944
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Brand:   3M ESPE
Manufacturer:   3M ESPE Dental Products, USA
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE


For over 45 years, 3M ESPE has been leading the way in the field of dental impressioning.

Now the innovative Retraction Capsule sets another milestone: it is a simple and effective means of gingival retraction.


3M™ ESPE™Astringent Retraction Paste is indicated for the temporary retraction of the marginal gingiva to provide a dry sulcus when the periodontium is healthy, such as:

§ taking impressions (material based or digital)

§ preparation of temporary casts

§ preparation of class II and V fillings

The product must not be used in patients suffering from a diseased periodontium, open furcations, or exposed bone.

Features & Benefits:

3M™ ESPE™Astringent Retraction Paste offers:

§ Innovative capsule tip that fits easily into the sulcus

§ Innovative paste that enables a clean and dry sulcus area with lasting hemostasis

§ Enables a clean, dry sulcus and a long-lasting robust haemostasis

§ Effectively opens the sulcus

§ Easy and time-saving retraction process: 50% faster than using cords

§ Lower risk of bleeding / haemorrhage after removal

§ Gentle on tissue for increased patient comfort

§ Easier application into the sulcus and better interproximal access due to capsule’s fine tip

§ More hygienic application, avoiding potential for problems caused by cross-contamination (unit-dose)

§  Application with most composite dispensers


The Dental Advisor is recommending 3M ESPE Astringent Retraction Paste for digital and traditional impression taking.

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