Filtek Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative Syringe (Shade A1)

Filtek Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative Syringe (Shade A1)

3M ESPE 4g Syringe
Price: 349.65 AED
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SKU:   3401-4863A1
Code:   4863A1
Color:   Shade A1
Brand:   3M ESPE
Manufacturer:   3M ESPE Dental Products, USA
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Composite filling material; developed for faster, easier posterior restorations

Product information:
- One-step placement, no additional capping layer
- Fast and easy procedure
- Excellent adaptation without additional expensive dispensing devices
- Stress relief to enable up to 5 mm depth of cure
- Better in vitro wear resistance than market-leading bulk fill materials
- Excellent handling and sculptability
- TRUE nanofiller technology and two innovative methacrylate monomers act to lower polymerization stress without compromising wear

- Direct anterior and posterior restorations (including occlusal surfaces)
- Base/liner under direct restorations
- Core build-ups
- Splinting
- Indirect restorations including inlays, onlays and veneers
- Restorations of deciduous teeth
- Extended fissure sealing in molars and premolars
- Repair of defects in porcelain restorations, enamel and temporaries

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