ProTaper Universal For Hand Use (Assortment SX, S1, S2, F1, F2 and F3)

ProTaper Universal For Hand Use (Assortment SX, S1, S2, F1, F2 and F3)

DENTSPLY Maillefer Pack of 6 Files Assorted
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SKU:   3448-A041802590112
Code:   A041802590112
Brand:   DENTSPLY Maillefer
Manufacturer:   Dentsply Sirona Endodontics, Switzerland
Returnable:   Yes
Available in:   UAE


Themanual version of ProTaper® Universal

The product line:"ProTaper for Hand Use" features exactly the same instruments andclinical sequence as the rotary version. It is dedicated to all hand file userswishing to benefit from NiTi and crown-down technique. 
It also makes an ideal choice for the rotary file users in the treatment ofdifficult canal situations like, for example, apical hooks.

Protaper® Universalis a comprehensive system specifically designed to meet the needs ofclinicians.

·                Easy

- Only one instrumentsequence whatever the canal shape.

- Colour-coded and easy tofollow protocol.

- Drying and obturationsolutions specifically designed for Protaper® files, with thesame colour-codes for instant identification.

·               Fast

- Only 3 instruments neededfor most cases.

- High cutting power.


·                Efficient

- Apical taper for goodcanal cleaning.

- Fantastic debris removal due to the unique'Multiple Taper' design of these instruments.


-Protaper® Shaping File X (SX) 19mm

-Protaper® Shaping File 1 (S1) 25mm

-Protaper® Shaping File 2 (S2) 25mm

-Protaper® Finishing File 1 (F1) 25mm

-Protaper® Finishing File 2 (F2) 25mm

-Protaper® Finishing File 3 (F3) 25mm


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