Photac Fil Quick Aplicap A1 (Light Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative Material)

Photac Fil Quick Aplicap A1 (Light Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative Material)

3M ESPE 20 Capsules
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SKU:   3465-61010
Code:   61010
Color:   Shade A1
Brand:   3M ESPE
Manufacturer:   3M ESPE Dental Products, USA
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Treatment with 3M™ ESPE™ Photac™ Fil Quick Aplicap™ Light Curing Glass Ionomer Material means you can make the perfect glass ionomer filling in just a few quick steps.
Features & Benefits:
- Quick and easy to use, especially with impatient children or anxious patients
- No cavity conditioning or protective varnish required
- Time savings due to few treatment steps and light curing
- Aplicap™ system for easy handling, consistent preparation and reliable quality
- High fluoride release protects against secondary caries
- Multifunctional when help is needed fast, so you can quickly ease your patients’ pain

- Primary teeth restorations
- Permanent Class III and V restorations
- Permanent small Class I restorations
- Semi-permanent Class I and II restorations
- Fissure sealing

Glass Ionomers from 3M ESPE a perfect solution for any kind of patient.

Not all patients are alike, which is why differentiated therapy is so important.
3M ESPE glass ionomers make it easy for you to respond to the needs and wishes of very different patient groups. They allow you to provide immediate help in a wide range of situations, therefore giving you more time to get to the root of the real problem (for example, periodontal disease or a high risk of caries) and find the right solution.

This means satisfied patients and less stress for you.

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