Virofex Dental Spray (Alcohol Free High Level Surface Disinfection System)

Virofex Dental Spray (Alcohol Free High Level Surface Disinfection System)

Virofex Empty Dispenser Bottle and 10 x 8ml Concentrate Cartridges
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SKU:   3468-VIR0001
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Brand:   Virofex
Manufacturer:   Topdental (Products) Ltd., England, UK
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Less Storage Space - 5 Litre Pack (10 x 8ml concentrate Cartridges) 

Virofex is a comprehensive method of disinfecting all surfaces to a high level, without the complications associated with alcohol and other similar based products.

Virofex can be used on all surfaces within the dental office/surgery, including those that are normally sensitive to alcohol.
Virofex is safe to use on all plastic including perspex, chair upholstery, plastic parts on medical devices and all worktops.


- Virofex eliminates the need for bulky and dangerous 5 litres refill containers.
- Virofex is non flammable and no chemicals can be spilled during refilling of the spray bottle.
- Virofex does not smell of alcohols or other harmful biocides.
- Virofex is environmentally friendly, cost effective and simple to use.

Effective Spectrum & Exposure Times:
- Bacteria: Staphylococcus aureus – Escherichia coli – Pseudomonas aeruginosa – Enterococcus hirae – Staphylococcus aureus – Salmonella typhimurium – Listeria monocytogenes – Legionella pneumophila – Serratia marcescens – Vancomycin resistant – Proteus mirabilis, Klebsiells, Pneumoniae – Mycobacterium tuberculosis Avium, Mycobacterium tuberculosis Terrae, Mycobacterium bovis
- Viruses: Hepatits B Virus – Hepatitis C Virus – HIV1 – Herpes simplex virus type 1 – H1N1 Influenza A virus – Rotavirus A – Norovirus – Ebola
- Fungus: Aspergillus niger – Candida albicans – Penicillium chrysogenum – Penicillium verrucosum
- Spores: Clostridium difficile – Cladosporium

Product Composition:
Solution contains: Aqua, Benzalkonium Chloride. C12-14 Alkyl Ethylbenzylammonium chloride, Didecyldimethyammonium chloride, Isopropyl Alcohol, C9 – 11 Pareth-8, Peracetic acid, PPG-2 Methyl Ether, Polyaminopropyl-Biguanide, Cocamidopropyl Betiane, Tetrasodium EDTA Limonene

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