Dr. Schumacher Spezial Olspray Lubricant Spray (Maintenance Spray for Instruments)

Dr. Schumacher Spezial Olspray Lubricant Spray (Maintenance Spray for Instruments)

Dr Schumacher 500 ml Aerosol Can
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Brand:   Dr Schumacher
Manufacturer:   Dr. Schumacher GmbH, Germany
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Available in:   UAE

Description: Spezial Olspray is an aerosol spray for the maintenance of medical instruments, especially for articular instruments.

- Based on toxicologically harmless medical white oil
- For instrument maintenance prior to steam sterilization
- Optimal lubrication of moving instrument parts

After the treatment with Spezial ?lspray, medical instruments can be subjected to the steam sterilization.
For the maintenance of hinges and valves of rigid endoscopes.
The special spray valve provides a fi ne, even protective layer.
A subsequent sterilization after the application on the instruments is not affected by this protective layer.
Spezial ?lspray preserves the value of your instruments because of an optimal lubrication and an effective corrosion inhibition.
Due to the use of paraffi num liquidum, Spezial ?lspray is compatible with most materials and toxicologically harmless according to drug and food law.

Range of Application:
For the maintenance of:
• Medical instruments (e.g. prior to steam sterilization)
• Turbines
• Hinges, handpieces and angle pieces
• Non-maintenance-free valves of rigid endoscopes Spezial ?lspray guarantees an optimal lubrication of moving parts of instruments etc.
• Due to the formation of an even protective layer on the surface of steel devices, an effective protection against corrosion is guaranteed.

- Instruments: Spray the half-opened instruments with Spezial ?lspray from a distance of about 25
- Hinges, turbines or handpieces and angle pieces: Use Spezial ?lspray two times a day or spray it through the devices for app. 1 sec before sterilization or autoclavation respectively.
- To apply the product hold the spray bottle vertically.
- Shake before use.

Paraffi num liquidum Propellants: propane/butane (free from CFC‘s)

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