Fiber Splint (Thin Fiberglass Band)

Fiber Splint (Thin Fiberglass Band)

Polydentia Fiber-Splint, 5 Clip&Splint, Application Clips
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SKU:   3560-5970
Code:   5970
Size:   4 mm Wide & 2 m Long
Brand:   Polydentia
Manufacturer:   Polydentia SA, Switzerland
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE


Extremely thin fiberglass band (0.05 mm/.0019")
- 4 mm Wide
- 2 m Long
- 6 layers and the application of the specifically developed Fiber-Bond (adapted, reduced viscosity for an optimized impregnation of the fiberglass band) are strongly recommended. 

A protecting layer of Fiber-Flow should be added after polymerization. 
The result is highly aesthetic and comfortable for the patient.

Fiber-Splint, thin fiber-glass band indicated for:
- Periodontally loosened teeth
- Post-traumatic mobility
- Surgical reimplantation
- Reinforcement of temporary bridges
- Orthodontic stabilization, and more

Clinically proven since 1989
Extremely thin, resistant
Versatile, highly aesthetic

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