B FORM Deluxe (Fully Automatic Thermoforming Machine)

B FORM Deluxe (Fully Automatic Thermoforming Machine)

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SKU:   3564- 9617504
Code:   9617504
Size:   Dimensions W24 x D28 x H33 cm
Manufacturer:   BART MEDICAL S.r.l., Italy
Returnable:   No
Available in:   Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, KSA, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, UAE


Thermoforming machine with excellent performance, top model of our range. Built with top quality materials and it has a modern and attractive design. 
By using B-FORM Deluxe along with the complete line of B:FORM Thermoplastic Sheets you can create professional bytes with thermoforming technique.


Bleaching Splinting Mouthguard Model Duplication
Trays Orthodontic Applications Bruxism Fluoride Prophylaxis
Base Plate A.T.M. Indirect Bonding Crown and Bridge


- It is small, lightweight and silent.
- Fully automatic for maximum accuracy and precision
- Infrared quartz resistance with fast response without preheating
- Energy saving and safety device
- Compatible with square and round sheets.

Fully automatic model for an excellent result: After you have selected the type of sheet to be formatted, the thermoforming machine performs automatically the thermoforming process without any operator intervention. 
Color LCD display with a simple and intuitive interface.
Vacuum pump of the latest generation, powerful and silent, that allows to realize thermoformed products in a short time and with great precision.
Very large well beads through which it is also possible to thermoform with plaster models that have undercuts always with excellent results.
Locking plate compatible with square and round sheets: square 125 x 125 mm, round Ø 120 and Ø 125 mm.

Quartz infrared resistance with fast response and without preheating: the heat is uniformly irradiated downwards in the direction of the sheet to be heated. Infrared temperature sensor for accurate detection of the effective temperature of the sheet. Automatic actuation of the locking plate. 
Energy saving and safety device: automatic standby after 10 minutes of inactivity. Enough space for tall plaster models. Accessibility to the plaster model during the heating process. Easy sheets inserting up to a thickness of 5 mm.

Electrical resistance: 
Power supply: 230 Volt AC
Absorption: 1.4 Ampere
Power: 325 Watt
Vacuum Pump: Frequency 50 Hz – Nominal flow 12 l/min. – Final pressure (ASS) 250 mbar – Noise with silencer 56 dB (A) – Motor power 80 Watt – Absorption 0,90 Ampere. 
Gear Motor: Power supply 24 Volt CC - Absorption 0.60 Ampere - Power 12 Watt. 
Dimensions: W24 x D28 x H33 cm. 
Weight: 6.5 Kg

Aluminum perforated plate, stainless steel balls for the well, electrical Schuko cable, user manual on DVD-R.

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