OptiDam Anterior Intro Kit (3D Rubber Dental Dam)

OptiDam Anterior Intro Kit (3D Rubber Dental Dam)

Kerr 10 Anterior OptiDam & 1 Anatomical Frame
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SKU:   3577-5203
Code:   5203
Brand:   Kerr
Manufacturer:   Kerr Corporation, USA
Returnable:   Yes
Available in:   UAE

Description: OptiDam™ is the first rubber dam with a 3-dimensional shape and nipple design, for a practical and easy application.
The dental dam, combined with its dedicated anatomical frame, matches the contours of the mouth, giving you perfect visibility and accessibility to the treatment area.
It does all this while ensuring your patient is comfortable throughout the procedure.

Making dental work fast and efficient:
- Low radiopacity: means no need to remove the dam during x-rays.
- Allows the patient to breathe freely for better patient comfort.
- Creates a clean and dry operating field enabling safe dental procedures
- Isolates all soft tissue: the patient’s tongue, cheeks, lips and gums are no longer in the way
- Optimum protection for both staff and patients: protects your patient from inhalation and ingestion of debris and water. For you and your staff, OptiDam™ limits the risk of cross-infection.

Quick to mount and your patients won’t even know it’s there!

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