Angie Defense Chroma Kit (Pit and Fissure Sealant)

Angie Defense Chroma Kit (Pit and Fissure Sealant)

Angie by angelus 5 Syringes of 2.5 g, 6 Application Tips, 1 Syringe of 2.5 g of Angie Etching Gel and 6 Syringe Covers
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SKU:   3701-8710
Code:   8710
Brand:   Angie by angelus
Manufacturer:   Angelus Indústria de Produtos Odontológicos S/A, Brazil
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE, Qatar, Oman, LIBYA, Lebanon, Kuwait, KSA, Jordan, IRAQ, Egypt, Bahrain, Another Country

Description: Change of color in a touch of magic (Changes color to Blue below 35°C and Transparent Above 35°C)

Sealing of pits and fissures in young permanent teeth.

• With fluoride (NaF).
• Transparent.
• With inorganic filler (50% Barium Glass).
• Excellent viscosity.
• Unique chromatic dye
• Exclusive thermochromics pigment.
• Protection of the sealed area: Increase protection of coated surfaces against dental caries
• Esthetics for patient.
• Resistant to abrasion.
• Greater penetration into pits and fissures.
• Allow visualization after application and in control sessions.

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