DENU Stick Free

DENU Stick Free

Denu Box of 64 Sticks (4 Plastic Packs containing 16 Sticks each)
Price: 128.00 AED
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SKU:   3784-01OT001
Code:   01OT001
Brand:   Denu
Manufacturer:   HDI Inc., Korea
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE, Qatar, Oman, LIBYA, Lebanon, Kuwait, KSA, Jordan, IRAQ, Egypt, Bahrain, Another Country


Easy and quick picking up, holding and placing of Inlays, Onlay & Veneer.
- Sticky ball-shaped tip on the end<div><br />
- Optimally sticky to pick up, hold, move, place small objects<div><br />
- No scratches occur on the surface of the object.<div><br />
- Easy and convenient to handle, Disposable<div><br />

Used to easily pick up, hold, move, place small objects such as Inlay, Onlay, Veneer

64 Sticks / Box 

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