Crystal 0.5mm (Transparent Quartz Fiber Post and Drill)

Crystal 0.5mm (Transparent Quartz Fiber Post and Drill)

Micro Medica 10 Posts & 1 Drill
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SKU:   3816-911-50QF
Code:   911-50QF
Color:   Yellow
Size:   0.5 mm/Length: 16 mm
Brand:   Micro Medica
Manufacturer:   Micro Medica s.r.l, 27030 Palestro, Italy
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE, Qatar, Oman, LIBYA, Lebanon, Kuwait, KSA, Jordan, IRAQ, Egypt, Bahrain, Another Country

Description: From the Purity of the Quartz is born our new Incredible Transparent Fiber Post
The Light not encounter obstacles.
Crystal quartz fiber post, is the new transparent quartz fiber post of Micro Medica, Crystal is the result to many years of research and experimentation, the use of pure raw materials and an innovative production technology, have allowed to obtain a product with unique characteristics.
Using a perfect mix of quartz fiber and epoxy resin have created a post from the incredible transparency and exceptional mechanical properties.
The posts Crystal as all the fiber posts Micro Medica are treated with the new exclusive Brushing Water Treatment (BWT).
BWT is the new exclusive system of surface treatment developed by Micro Medica to increase the retentive power of fiber posts, an innovative system that allows to make extremely rough the surface of glass fiber posts and carbon fiber without damaging them.
A light massage prepares the surface of the posts in homogeneous mode and increases retentive power up to 40% more than a posts untreated.
The system also ensures a perfectly clean of the post by removing any impurities from the fiber.
The system water brushing guarantees a perfect adhesion with any type of cement and favoring a cement-fiber connection incredibly durable.
Search on the packaging the brand BWT that ensures the treatment of the posts that you have purchased.
- Conical Type 2°
- Color coded
- BWT technique increases the retentive power of the post
- Length: 16 mm
- 10 Posts Plus 1 Drill
100% Made in Italy

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