Medical (Non Setting Calcium Hydroxide Lining Material)

Medical (Non Setting Calcium Hydroxide Lining Material)

PROMEDICA 2 ml Syringe
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SKU:   1832-D002551
Code:   D002551
Manufacturer:   PROMEDICA Dental Material GmbH, Germany
Returnable:   No
Available in:   UAE

Description: Radiopaque Water-Based Calcium Hydroxide Paste
The ready-to-use non-setting calcium hydroxide paste Medical is suitable for direct pulp capping after opening of the pulp or after pulpotomies and for indirect pulp capping in cases of caries profunda.

Medical is highly radiopaque and antimicrobial. Due to the high concentration of calcium hydroxide (1ml Medical contains 610 mg CA(OH)2) and a pH-value of >11 the material supports pulp recovery and the formation of secondary dentine.
Acid resistant it protects the pulp against acid expositions and influence of other pulp-irritating substances.
Medical is available in syringes with extra long and bendable tips.

- Indirect capping for the treatment of caries profunda
- Direct capping when the pulp is opened or a pulpotomy is performed
- Lining of cavities to prevent exposure to acid media when using cements
- Temporary filling of root canals

Characteristics and Benefits:
- Ready-to-use in a syringe for direct application
- Suitable under all lining and filling materials
- Acid-resistant: effective pulp protection
- Contains 45 % calcium hydroxide
- Stimulates the pulp and triggers the formation of secondary dentine
- Antimicrobic effect due to a high pH-value
- High radiopacity for a better diagnostic control

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